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We often think of all bacteria as being harmful; not so. Good bacteria (called probiotic) are responsible for your well being. They are friendly, hence the web site's name. Did you know that each of us has 2-3 pounds of over 400 kinds of bacteria that make up our intestinal flora; Not all good, but not all bad, as previously stated.

LBL "On Guard" drinkable yogurt and all others carrying the "On Guard" label assemble these tireless workers and provide the ideal conditions to guarantee their greatest survival.


Remember that antibiotics (meaning against life) kill all organisms indiscriminately. Environmental pollutants, illness, infection, stress, and aging all deal a severe blow to the balance of our intestinal flora. Our "Friendlyb" army is made up of Bifidobacterium, S.thermophilus, L.acidophilus, and L.bulgaricus and is an incredible force in support of ones good health. L. rhamnosus has now been added.

Couple the above with our consideration for diabetic concerns and you may begin to appreciate our efforts in years of investigative inquiry and know how that allows us to bring our great product to you.

Diabetic Friendly

GRI Diabetic Friendly

“ON GUARD” carries the Glycemic Research Institute's Diabetic Friendly Seal

Duchess Dairy of Rural Retreat, VA is our milk processor. We are thrilled to work with these progressive folks. Our "On Guard" yogurt drinks will be marketed under the Duchess label, and in squat quart containers..

Duchess Branded On Guard drinkable Yogurt

Please rest assured that you can go around the world, search our great land from coast to coast, but no finer product has ever been developed than “On Guard” drinkable yogurt !