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"ON GUARD DRINKABLE YOGURT" Passes Glycemic Research Institute Criteria

License number 1912 • License renewed July 2014

The non-profit Glycemic Research Institute in Washington D.C. announced on December 9,2003 that LBL Foods "On Guard Drinkable Yogurt" has been duly submitted and approved as LOW GLYCEMIC and DIABETIC-FRIENDLY.

When asked to comment on the yogurt, GRI officials stated. "This product was meticulously formulated and produced. It is one of the finest dairy products we have seen in twenty years of research."

Information on the GRI Seals of Approval can be seen at www.glycemic.com. Information on Duchess Drinkable Yogurt may be found on this site and by contacting LBL Foods.

Our Product

Our yogurt is produced from farm fresh, high solids, total nutrient milk. With any yogurt, it is well to remember that the longer the list of added ingredients, the further away from the country it gets. Check ours out; pasteurized whole (total nutrient) milk, and active cultures (friendly organisms).

We do not use any milk powder (foreign or domestic) as our quality milk needs no crutch or support.

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Our Mission Statement

  1. To provide the most nutritious yogurt possible.
  2. To reward dairy farmers with higher income and appreciation for their diligence in producing the highest quality milk possible.
  3. To be good stewards of the environment in all endeavors of production and in processing and to be mindful of the proper care and treatment of the cattle that allow us to bring our product to our customers.

We welcome the inquiry of other processors and producers of high solids milk that believe in our efforts and would care to join us in our marketing venture. Please address all inquiries to LBL Foods.

GRI Seal - Diabetic Friendly
Duchess On Guard Yogurt