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What's the Problem?

The biggest problem is that the public is unaware of the problem to the extent that it exists. We are talking about sickness caused by consuming contaminated food products from the finest restaurants in the land to the "greasy spoons" in the back alleys in America.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that food-borne illnesses from all sources make 76 million Americans sick every year, sending more than 300,000 to hospitals and killing 5,000.

Various health departments throughout the land do a commendable job in spotting health code violations. In a recent report, the New York City Health Department cited major problems in one out of every three food establishments they inspected. Remember that an inspection report is only a snapshot of conditions that existed at the time of inspection. This suggests that the problem is far greater than documented. All reported cases are victims of illness but not all such sicknesses are reported.

Because many jobs in food establishments are low-paying entry level ones, there is a high turnover in these positions, bringing more and more improperly trained personnel to handle and prepare the food served to its customers.

“ON GUARD” can help protect you.

If it's going to rain, you are apt to carry rain gear with you. You can't stop it from raining, but you can keep from getting wet. Likewise, you can take steps to guard against the ingestion of harmful organisms by having an army of the "good guys" in place waiting for them.

This is one of the missions of LBL Food's new yogurt, "ON GUARD". It contains an army of beneficial bacteria along with its own food supply (called a prebiotic) that precedes the harmful intruders dressed in their food camouflage and sets up checkpoints, thereby killing many of the bad bacteria before they can cause harm. Like the raindrops, you can certainly be prepared to deal with them if they do come your way.

Remember Humpty Dumpty?

We offer this verse to all chemists in the yogurt labs around the country whose assignment is, "tell us how LBL did it". They can, by product analysis, break it down but, like the verse, we doubt if they can put it together again. "Know-how" plus the ingredients form the product and simply put, the years teach more than the days will ever know. We cannot give away our secret technique, but here's what's in it. [see "Our Product"]

Total Nutrient Milk

“Source Identified” and animal friendly are the cornerstones of our business. We use this source of supply (Low-Fat Milk) because it offers more protein, calcium, and fat soluble vitamins than most milks used in yogurt production. It also contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - a naturally occurring fatty acid which is heart healthy without the heavy metals found in some other beneficial oils. One cannot escape the fact that over the year, heart disease has increased as CLA content in diets has decreased. Coincidence? We think not.

Our milk is from The Huffard Dairy that produce the highest quality product possible. All other aspects of milk quality are maintained under the strictest of dairy management practices.

Probiotic Culture

These are the friendly and beneficial organisms (bacteria) with a mission. They are the guardians of one's gastrointestinal tract. They inhibit the growth of the bad guys, help lower cholesterol, stimulate the immune system, and may inhibit the growth of carcinogenic tumors.

Prebiotic (Food for our probiotic workers)

One needs to stop by the diner or carry a lunch if he/she is away from the house at meal time. The same is true for our traveling organisms. This nourishment promotes beneficial gut microflora, improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and aids in digestion and maintenance of intestinal health by increasing the number of good organisms. A probiotic culture carrying a prebiotic lunch pail is called a Synbiotic product. That's what LBL's yogurt is. It has been shown that synbiotic yogurts can increase the absorption of calcium. We use inulin and pectin as our prebiotic which supplies 3 grams of fiber per 8 oz serving. Overall, it is recommended that 25 grams of fiber be consumed each day.

Sources include vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fruits. Colon cancer and rectal cancers are on the increase for young adults. Many feel that it is diet related and cite the need to consume more fiber, as well as more exercise and less sugar intake as preventative measures.


A recent survey found that many yogurts contain over 40% of their total calories from sugar. The late Dr. Atkins concluded that too many carbohydrates (sugar is a carb) were the cause of obesity and poor health in America, and we agree.

Therefore, our yogurt contains no added refined sugars (white sugar, honey, or syrups) but uses stevia, a recently FDA-approved sweetener that adds no calories to the yogurt; making it a low carbohydrate drink with flavor. Our total nutrient formula has fewer calories per serving than most yogurts with the calories present being of nutritional value. The modest amount of natural sugars found in the milk are broken down by enzymes allowing consumers who can't drink milk (lactose intolerant) to be able to consume “OnGuard” yogurt. We recently changed sweeteners to stevia, a naturally occuring sweetener, in place of its manmade counterpart sucralose.

LBL Foods' drinkable yogurt formulation is completely unique. One company has recently come out with a drinkable that, we feel is terrible - 46 grams of sugar and no fat to slow down the absorption of sugar. You may care to consider the following when you purchase a drinkable for yourself or your family.

Facts: Fat plus calcium aids in weight reduction. Total nutrients keep hunger in check, thus dissolving fat for energy. The glycemic index indicates how foods affect the rise in blood sugar - the higher the number, the greater the increase. Low glycemic numbers allow one to consume more calories without gaining weight. They increase one's metabolic rate.

Traditional yogurt has a high index number. Most drinkables on the market (except LBL's) fall into this profile and are not healthy. LBL's, “ON GUARD” yogurt formula moves it into the lower glycemic index range, therefore making it the only diet and health drink in existence in the yogurt field. Why? No added sugar and our full nutrient milk of moderate fat content (fat content is less than 2.0% of the finished yogurt) slows the absorption of any natural sugars into the blood stream. The added fiber, furnished by the prebiotic, also aids in the slowing down process described above.


Many food-borne illnesses may be prevented and poor health conditions improved if one would fortify his/her intestinal tract with a synbiotic yogurt each day. As you have read, LBL foods, “ON GUARD” has taken its drinkable yogurt to a higher level as the ultimate health food. Don't leave the house without it working for you. We made is just for you.

To learn more about the problems of high carbohydrate diets and the epidemic of poor health they have brought to our society, I invite you to visit the glycemic research institute site, and others that talk sense and have nothing to sell you but better health for you and your loved ones.

LBL Foods Drinkable Yogurt, “ON GUARD”
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